Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Week in Review

Had dinner at Indian restaurant with goateed lung specialist. Felt increasingly self-conscious about smoking habit; went home early.

Attended usual number of long and futile meetings.

Had dinner with Atomic at her place; was regaled with amusing anecdotes about Afghan elections, toxic moonshine, and Iranian morality police.

Stood up to asshole landlord.

Treated Ada to Chinese palm reading for her birthday. Haggled with palm reader for two-for-one deal; learned I will live to be at least 80 despite smoking habit and bear five children.

Discovered that I am a descendant of neo-Protestant evangelicals. (See below.)

Began reading Zuleika Dobson.

Attended Ada’s birthday party. Got blindly drunk, heckled DJ, and had best plate of 4:00 AM poutine I’ve ever eaten.

Consoled equally drunk friend who was reduced to tears by her inability to get a date in eight months. Struggled and failed to find comforting words; offered shoulder to cry on instead.

Woke up with hangover after night of bad dreams. Briefly reconsidered value of existentialist philosophy. Decide to stay in tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I apologize for the tears. It was quite unseemly. Your shoulder was very comforting, I'll have you (and everybody else) know.